Monday, 16 February 2009

Music Mess, Painter's Block and Annoying Cat

I am trying not to spend money but must buy a CD holder - at the moment all my CDs and DVDs are piled up and keep falling on the floor. Such a mess. Today I retrieved Doc Boggs, The Kinks, Blur, Memories of Spain, Gadjo, the Bees, Ahmadou and Mariam, Bing Crosby, Noel Coward, Oliver Nelson: The Blues and the Abstract Truth, and Dr. Dre which had fallen on the floor. Eclectic or what?

Malvolio has been crawling over me and tormenting me for hours. It is just before 4pm and he is not due to be fed until 6pm, after I have watched 'Come Dine with Me'. Watched most of 'Blithe Spirit' on Film 4 between naps.

I am thinking of attacking the new small canvas tonight. May do another self-portrait as my easel is close to a mirror. Not ideal, but I must keep playing with paint, though I have years to catch up on and am finding it very difficult. Bad though my last effort was, it gave me a sense of achievement to have even got through it, while being aware of the many faults.

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