Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Wednesday Morning Stuff

I have to say these self-portraits are rather depressing -still, I used to think they were awful even when I was much younger and better looking - the only thing is, at least I am 'having a go' at drawing again. I may try and find a few still life subjects. I have some gloves lying about and an umbrella - pity Malvolio is a black cat and a bit harder to draw than most, but shall persist, since he is my only model. Other cats, such as my old cats Fritz and Spitz, two gingers - one with long hair and one short, were good to draw, and despite being black, my cat Chub was excellent, being slim and very oriental with a good 'wedgy' face and bat ears. Malvolio would be very insulted by these comments. In fact he has just toddled out of the room. Maybe he can read...

I am still worrying about Dorothy's aunt - it may be that her recent episode is a reaction to some drug treatment, we are awaiting news on that. Meanwhile, I suppose she is in the best place, as they say, in hospital and being well looked after.

Dorothy unexpectedly rang me for a long chat about various things - the job situation is rather hairy - nothing to do there but wait - but Dorothy has come up with some plan or programme or something which has been praised highly by quite a few people and which might help the company in various ways, so depending upon how it is received at higher levels, might keep Dorothy in gainful employment. We shall see.

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