Sunday, 22 February 2009


Last night it was lemons! Very difficult for me. Anyway I had an attempt. I also looked at the peppers again. One thing about these paintings, if you want to edit them you can return to them 'like a dog to it's vomit'. I picked up this lovely expression from Barbara Pym of all people - not sure whether it was in 'A Glass of Blessings'. I do love B. Pym, her books all take me back to the fifties, with it's frugality, gentility etc.Anyway - I have decided that the ground for the peppers is utterly vile, and though the lemons ground is a bit 'blue' may try this for the peppers as it is definitely rather more pleasing.

Dorothy rang last night - has been ill in bed all week and therefore unable to do the presentation at work, which is now being done next week. Dorothy and the others think they all have four weeks work before being thrown out, so I am hoping that the presentation will be extremely effective.

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