Friday, 27 February 2009

Lack of Progress and Ladies' Lunch

Quite an eventful day. Had just popped in to Lye Torng for a coffee and my friend Vic turned up. We had a drink and went on to the SE1 lunch club. Elsita, Plum and Nomad were there and we all enjoyed a good meal at La Bodeguita. I then showed Vic and Nomad the dress shop 'Sensational' so they know where to go for a bargain, then Vic and I came back for tea and cakes.

The weather was lovely and sunny and so spring-like that we had tea outside. I gave Vic some cake to take back for Chris, and she went back home to Hammersmith. She was quite taken with my paintings and was interested in buying some, but I said I wasn't yet ready to sell them.

I painted some bunches of bananas this afternoon and evening which was quite hard work. Annoyingly the first bunch look better than the second bunch, so I don't always improve. This picture is a bit blurry (camera shake) so may try and do another to replace it later. Or put another in somewhere else. We shall see.

Had invited my brother Tim on to Facebook and he joined, so sent him a cheery note to start him off.

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