Tuesday, 31 July 2012

All Present and Correct?

My brain cells, I mean. I am definitely becoming more absent-minded, but can still play Scrabble quite well. However my niece keeps publicising me in Facebook as her 'Mad aunt Sue' which is rather worrying, as, if I have dementia, no-one else has suggested it yet. Having had a first husband diagnosed with schizophrenia, and having worked in NHS psychiatric wards I have always been rather worried by any kind of mental illness, so this is now concerning me a bit. And is rather unpleasant. Oh well. On my way to Toulouse Lautrec jam session last night, I saw the Lye Torng had discarded some chairs outside, so I decided to collect a couple on the way home. Had a good evening with Romy and Bernie, and did some fairly rough sketches (below) but the chairs were gone when I got home. I had texted Andrew about them, and he texted back to say he had taken them in. I am now trying to find out when I can collect them. These are in fact very sturdy little chairs. I wanted to replace the large chairs I had bought on Ebay as they are too big for my tiny rooms, though very cute. I already have one of the little ones which I painted and have drawn, as well. Missing lunch at Lye Torng already. Made a cheese toastie and overindulged on my home concoction of delicious coffee ice cream. Remind me not to make any more. Though I may swirl a bit more Camp coffee into the remainder. Dear me.
I think this may be a bit better:

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