Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A bit of a result- then struck by darkness

Enjoyed my usual matinal coffee with David, who confirmed that my multiple pearl necklaces looked OK, and after a brief lunch at Lye Torng, set off for my interview at Gudrun Sjoden. Nibby had persuaded me to take my sketchbook to do drawings while I waited to be seen. However, this proved to be totally unnecesary as I seemed to be the only one being interviewed, unless they were staging interviews throughout the afternoon. Anyway it was all very easy and pleasant and I had taken a couple of my favourite Gudrun items. The interview was in the shop window at a little table and I was offered tea. Very civilized. Then they asked to see my sketchbook and were very complimentary, asking if I had considered book illustration, and took some snaps. They seemed keen to possibly provide goodie bags at my opening but this may just have been chat. We shall see. Anyway I was able to chose £50 worth of clothes or receive a cheque in a couple of weeks. I decided to have a look around, and when I had chosen something, discovered that my past purchases had given me some bonus points which entitled me to another £50 of clothes, so I picked up a matching jacket and some pairs of tights. I had been wearing my Gudrun black and white clothes, and to my joy, my purchases were placed in a black and white bag, with a smaller white bag dotted with black thrown in. Bouoyed by this experience I sailed home happily, planning to watch the soaps and have a quiet evening. I had just rung Nibby about everything when the electricity was suddenly cut in the street. With no light, no TV, no computer, my ipad not working etc etc I sallied forth to the Lye Torng. Andrew rang the leccie company who were expecting no reconnection for a couple of hours. There were two other refugees from this disaster so we stayed for dinner and chatted a bit. I drew them sitting at the bar. Not one of my best, but all good practise.

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