Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Wodin's Day

today. It is still pissing with rain like yesterday. I had to change my antibiotics since the Flucloxacillin made me feel quite untoward, so am taking some I purchased in Spain some years ago: Klacid Unidia 500mg. This is basically clarithromycin, also used for soft tissue infections. It may be somewhat out of date but worth a try to bring the swelling down on my toe, and maybe I can eventually wear normal shoes. Dear me. Anyway, just painted a corner of my room, which is rather wonky. Did most of the actual painting in the evening so the colours are a bit vile and livid. More restraint needed I suspect. I also found a very good browny beige linen dress in the market. Quite stylish and eventually paid only £20 for it after a bit of a haggle. I had previously purchased a jacket in the same colour so I am very happy about this. Dorothy went to Paris last night. She had a lunchtime business meeting yesterday while still somewhat hungover from the night before, so I hope she managed to cope. She is due back tomorrow I think and has some kind of club night to run on Friday. Dear me. When we met for coffee yesterday, David very kindly gave me some 'lamb fillet steak' reduced from £4 to £2 in Iceland. He usually cooks it with soya sauce, but I did not have any so found some liquid smoke and stuck a few drops in. The house smelled like a barbecue for the rest of the evening, but the meat was delicious. Have found a way of using boil in the bag kippers which are cheaper than tinned, in that there are three kippers in the container. First empty the lot into a takeaway food container, removing the butter and cover. Make some tea and toast, and while the toast is cooking remove one kipper and put in another food container, leaving the cover loose on top. Microwave for around two minutes. Butter and marmalade on the toast and kipper on top of that. If using Danish bread and low fat spread, around 250 calories at most. I remove the skin from the kipper fillet first. The rest can go in the fridge and cooked when needed over the next couple of days. Anyway, here's the dressing table:

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