Saturday, 14 July 2012

Rainy Day

Decided to forego Barnes Fair, and reluctantly, Drawing London on Location because of the very wet weather. Had a coffee in Nova. Bumped into David briefly, who was on his way back home after an early shopping trip. Had lunch at Lye Torng and departed for some kind of street festival, but the rain intervened and I could not find the place, so retired to Lye Torng to do a sketch from the window. Not sure if this is finished and may have to draw into it a bit, but will leave for now. A message from Brixton to say they have changed their arrangements and asking for two more smaller works instead of the ones I had sent. Trouble is, I am not very good at working small and not sure what kind of thing they want, so sent very bad snaps of two pairs of images. The first two are conventional sketches around London and the others, rather brighter in colour, are photographic images painted in acrylic paint, one of an old fashioned bath full of water and bubbles, and the other is a fairground in Leicester Square. I have always been rather keen on the fairground image, which was nearly purchased by a coke sniffing club owner in Barcelona to print as a flyer for the club. Pity the club folded as he had offered me quite a lot of money. Oh well. Eating too much. I blame the rain.

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