Sunday, 29 July 2012

Weak Flesh

Spent £20 on a new waistcoat/jacket/sleeveless thingy in linen from my new favourite stall. The young guy there asked me if I could find him a job! Fell further - after coffee and toast with David, I purchased two Bristol board sketchbooks, some envelopes and other art bits and pieces and ended up spending nearly £40 altogether. Such is the cost of art materials. Oh well. Made a few more cards. Then Dorothy bought me a water ice at the gelato place at Borough Market. I think he was a bit fed up because I kept him talking for a couple of hours and he is very busy. Mind you, staying so late enabled me to buy a Poilane loaf for £1.12, half price. Had some of this for toast this morning before I weighed myself to find a gain of 3lb, hardly surprising. Kook keeps attacking me and my right arm looks as though I am in some kind of abusive relationship. Dear me. Went to the Lye Torng last night private party which was great fun, Andrew and Tiri letting everyone help themselves to booze. I have never seen so many people behind the bar. Ray and I had a good chat and I promised to email the sketch I did of him a few days ago. Andrew and Ray were promoting my cards, so I sold plenty - enough to replenish the coffers for several days. This will pay for my Turkish Delight lunch at Ev with Ken's Events later today. Andrew and Tiri provided masses of food at the party too, and Tiri handed around some very good chocolate. He sent some young relatives to see me home when I left, which was very kind. The only significant person missing was Louise, but she had been ill recently and was probably not feeling well enough to come, which was a shame because she missed an excellent party. Oh, and earlier I fitted in a short sketch of a passion flower in a po on the garden table, which is all a bit wonky, but that's me:

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