Friday, 6 July 2012

Last Night

feeling good having done a sketch of some blocks of flats etc in St. George's Road, I sallied forth to Toulouse Lautrec where Les Gavroches were playing French stuff. And other stuff from other countries. Anyway it turned out to be a very jolly evening With Nolan's papa jiving with a customer at the end to loud clapping from the rest of us. He really can jive very well indeed. I then looked at my sketch, only to discover I had done it on the other side of my day sketch. Durrr... Nolan would not take any money for the diet coke I had consumed which was very kind. Walked out to go home and saw the Shard all lit up with green laser beams sweeping the night sky. This morning I discovered the loo had blocked. Great. Have tried caustic soda to little effect and may well buy some more. Andrew from Lye Torng lent me a long piece of flexible wire which would not go down, then got caught, so I managed to get it out and gave up on things. Then a hinge broke off the kitchen cupboard. Such are modern hinges that it looks fairly unfixable. My flat is decaying as fast as my body, almost. Met David for coffee. Apparently he had been there yesterday and just missed me. Started a sketch of the Nova coffee bar area, but this did not go well so will continue it at another sitting. An unexpected call from Gudrun who wants London customers to be interviewed at her shop on Monday, for which I will get £50 so am quite pleased. Must make sure I wear my Gudrun clothes. Still reading the Return of the Native. David tells me Alexei Sayle has written some good books, so may investigate.

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