Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sun's Day

Yesterday quite busy. Toast and jam for breakfast at Mamuska with a coffee. Discovered a distinct lack of funds after I paid for a gelato at Borough Market where I had a brief meeting with Dorothy, who purchased a very good strawberry and pear sorbet for me, too. I had spent money on art materials and a vast bill arrived, rather sooner than expected, from the plumber. I may have to sit on this for a week or so before paying. Sketched Ray who was texting at the Lye Torng,and it definitely felt like the end of an era for the place is to be demolished soon. I first went there 20 years ago when it was a pub called the Gibraltar. After being sold and redecorated it became Bedlam, where students flocked at lunchtime from LCC and in its final 12 years it has been Lye Torng. Romy kindly sent me a thing about some experimental walking about in a building in Greenwich needing volunteers which will pay £50 for a day. I shall investigate, but even if I am accepted it is not for weeks. I shall soon have to find the money to pay for the WAC gallery for November too, with no prospect of extra income. Nibby told me off for spending £1 on breakfast at Mamuska: 'that would have bought a loaf of bread' she declared. Dear me, and I lashed out £5 on dinner there last night, since Evon was kind enough to buy the drinks. I have never been there in the evening before. It was good to see Evon and Kate again though.

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