Friday, 20 July 2012

Saturday Again

Dear me, woke to go to the loo at about 3am. Strange miaouws from Kookster. Went to loo and Kookster came in clutching a dead mouse which he dropped by my bare feet. It's always a bit of a rude awakening with Kookster. Anyway had a couple of quietish days but girded my loins to visit the Family Division office in High Holborn. I filled in the forms and paid £60. After a short while they reappeared and told me that in fact my first divorce had been in Croydon, not Kingston and I should receive a copy of the decree nisi within a week or so, and then can write to Kingston and ask for a refund of the original £40 I had paid. Then I went home and looked at all the forms again and was still completely nonplussed by them. I think Dorothy will need to deal with them when the decree thing arrives. If it arrives. Feeling distinctly uncreative I attempted a couple of postcard sized sketches:
I shall attempt some more today. Evon and Kate due to arrive this evening for a drink before dinner at Mamuska. The weather is apparently due to be fine. We shall see.

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