Monday, 2 July 2012

Moon Day

46 years ago today, I gave birth to Dorothy. In Chipping Norton War Memorial Cottage Hospital. I was so happy. This morning I went to the shopping centre after doing a sketch from bed. No specs on so I inadvertently took about 40 years and five stone off my size. As someone pointed out 'the place looks very tidy'. This is because of artistic license. The only place my flat looks tidy is in a sketch where I have edited out all the vile mess. Also this morning, Kook brought in a mouse which he proceeded to torture and which I could not save. I hate to think where he has left the corpse. No doubt my nose will lead me to it. Spoke to Nibby about my infected corn and she recommended a visit to the quack. I managed to get an urgent appointment and am provided with some very indigestible antibiotics to take, and a referral to a podiatrist, which will probably take weeks to come about. I was going to fax the referral (4 pages) to speed things up until I discovered the cost was £1 a page, but Andrew at Lye torng kindly faxed it for me. I met David for coffee again and showed him my latest efforts. Tonight Dorothy and I (not sure about Julian) will dine at the Spitalfields branch of Hawksmoor, where we will probably have a steak. Found out you can take your own wine though the corkage is £25, apart from on a Monday (tonight, hurrah!) when it is £5. Seems Dorothy has a bottle of something decent to bring. Dinner will have to be my birthday present since I have failed to find an interesting gift. I would offer to do a portrait, but no one can make people look worse than I can when I draw them.

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