Thursday, 12 July 2012

Unexpected happening

Just had a coffee with David. He was reading Turgenev and waxing enthusiastic about Gogol so I decided to have another look at Turgenev myself. After we went out separate ways I noticed a dance performance thingy going on in an empty shop. Public House by Hiru seemed to be the name, so I was invited to come in. This was a chance to have a good sketch, which I proceeded to do. The victims were mainly the audience seated on an old Chesterfield opposite me. The dancers screamed and spoke and had rather stilted and off 'conversations' which were completely beyond me.I am definitely a female Pooter here. However the dancers were all over the place and really impossible to draw as they never stood still, so I drew bits of them, mainly heads, here and there. There were also people looking in through the windows so I included bits of them. The whole thing is a bit of a mishmash, trying to catch a general impression of weirdness and rush with the audience sitting stolidly in the middle. Anyway. A member of the audience passed me his email and asked me to email him the drawing later which I did. I had an excellent lunch at Mamuska: roast pork with a creamy herb sauce, mash and green beans. A quick coffee in Lye Torng before contemplating the domestic problems for a few minutes, then abandoning all hope. So later, in the spirit of escapism, went to Toulouse Lautrec to draw the singer Lauren Casey and the audience, and a good time was had by all, despite the crap weather.

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