Saturday, 14 July 2012

Less and less happening

Trying to deal with my current loo problems led me to investigate recycling loos. Mostly these are dry dunnies in little huts, but the clever Scandinavians have rather smart looking house models. Not that I have anywhere to put one, and replacing my current arrangement might bring the house value down. And apparently human poo, though quite possible to recycle in a composter, takes one to two years before it can be used, though seemingly worms do help! However, I was very surprised to read that human pee makes excellent garden fertiliser. Apparently pee is bug free and only smells vile after 24 hours when ammonia is released. If quickly diluted with water, probably 3
or more to 1 it can be used immediately on the garden and is apparently the most excellent fertiliser. For pot plants more dilution is required. I may purchase a suitable lidded container for collection and an even larger watering can. Of course this also saves a large amount of water despite the dilution, because there is no need to flush the loo when peeing. Worth Googling about. Seems that experiments have shown a fantastic increase in crops when this is used etc. Certainly worth considering even if it seems distinctly unappealing. Enough about pee. Oh well. Had coffee, missed the arrival of my postcards so will have to collect on Monday from the post office. Lunch at Mamuska and sketched the diners. Spoke to Evon and she will speak to Kate. We may have lunch or dinner together at Mamuska some day next week. The weather is due to be vile today. I am unenthusiastic about Barnes Fair partly because of this and partly because the people I alerted about it have shown no inclination to go. Alternatives today are Sketching on Location, which I would normally like, but it is in Hyde Park and the V & A if it rains. The amount of walking is a deterrent, and last time I went to the V & A on a Saturday there were swarms of children, so not a peaceful place to try and draw. I think I will remain here. I do need to contact Nilu, who is a very nice girl, and may soon need somewhere to stay, and I could do with the money. Also there is a little local fair on somewhere called County Street near the Elephant, which I could look around. Mind you, I keep looking out and the weather is fine so far. Old age has made me even more indecisive.

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