Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Theatre Treat and Stuff

Had a great evening with Madeleine at the first night of Timon of Athens with Simon Russell Beale, who was superb. We enjoyed some food and wine at the party afterwards along with the celebs and starving actors. I do hope Madeleine arrived home all right. I had offered my spare bed but she wanted to get home. Of course Waterloo Bridge was closed, presumably something to do with the sodding Olympics. I walked to Waterloo and managed to get a bus quite quickly. Met David yesterday. I had breakfast at Mamuska - basically toast, butter and jam for £1 only! The toast was hot and good bread and there was about half a pot of jam on the plate which I did not manage to attack very successfully. May do it again as I rather prefer to have breakfast later. Met Romy for lunch for a catch-up and she bought some clothes from my newly found place. Spoke to the Brixton people who will let me know which painting I should bring for the exhibition which is on for about a week with an opening and a closing evening. I have been asked to produce some smaller bits so yesterday did some little drawings on watercolour postcards. I was also told of a printer who has a large scanner and can produce some prints of work for sale, and expressed an interest in this possibility. I don't know whether they would also do postcards. I collected my first Vistaprint postcard, a detail of Romy's Spanish cat, from the Mandela Way depot. Another card is due but not until 28th July, unfortunately. I did a few little sketches last night. Here they are:

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