Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Tuesday Morning

Found Hawksmoor in Spitalfields, Dorothy's preferred dining option. Looks a bit like a dingy pub, and completely full of noisy carnivores. Julian and Dorothy joined me and we had a very good dinner indeed. As we had saved money by Dorothy providing the wine, we rather pushed the boat out and Julian and I had a surf and turf of half a lobster each with what turned out to be a very large fillet steak. Dorothy opted for a more modest simple steak. Vegetables were extra and I just had spring greens, Julian gravy and mash, and mushrooms for Dorothy which we all shared. In celebratory mood, we all drank too much so ordered pudding: Rhubarb trifle for Julian, sticky toffee sundae for Dorothy, and to my shame, peanut butter shortcake and salted caramel ice cream, which came with the shortcake warm and runny. Totally evil and delicious. Coffees were needed after this, and Julian became rather tired and emotional so we took a cab home. Apparently the steak was the best Dorothy had ever eaten. Seems they get their steaks from Ginger Pig in Borough Market, so now I know where to purchase a good steak. After last weeks excessive consumption I shall have to practise starvation for a few days. Dear me.

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