Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Wednesday Morning

After coffee and a chat with David, took my A3 and A4 folders and my framed pieces to Brixton. The gallery was quite hard to find but used my iphone and got there. It is about the size of my bathroom and was in the middle of being painted and decorated. I deposited my stuff and was persuaded to leave my whole A3 folder to be looked at, though they had originally just wanted one of my A3 unframed pieces. I shall probably pick it up on Thursday at the opening as I am suffering from separation anxiety about it! It was suggested to me that my work would do very well as prints, if I only knew how to set about this. Must consult Julian, who is the fount of all wisdom in this direction. When I get a new computer I may also need a scanner and printer. If I sell my flat and buy something smaller and cheaper, this could be done. We shall see. It was terribly hot yesterday, so after Brixton and refreshment (which I could not really afford) at Lye Torng, came back to find my snaps from Snapfish had been delivered. Some of these were OK so I shall mount them on card and pack them with envelopes to sell. A few of the sketches look rather jolly as small cards. Later, I did small sketches of the strange plant Evon kindly brought from Colombia Road when she came to dinner the other night. Clockwise, below, I think the most successful is the last one (bottom left). Today I shall see if I can afford some Spraymount to make my cards and put them in bags with envelopes.

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