Sunday, 8 July 2012

Very Quiet Sunday

At least WH Smith in the Elephant & Castle had The Times today. I purchased this and had some coffee in Mamuska. Decided to do a sketch of the customers at lunch. I read my papers and had a diet coke, then some lunch for a fiver, which consisted of stuffed chicken breast with mash and a carrot salad, very substantial. Then I sketched customers sitting in the window. I am finding the colours a bit dull and may revert to the Greenwich shades of grey to wash over the people, which can give a more heavy sculptural feel, and keep the lighter shades for the highlights and other stuff. We shall see. Spoke to Dorothy about the loo. Dorothy's recommendation was to pour boiling water down without flushing for up to 20 times which apparently always works. I set about putting every pot in the house on the hob and boiling the kettle. This was a bit tiring as the bathroom is up a small flight of stairs, but good exercise. After the eighth kettleful, the water level went right down, but I carried on to fifteen for good measure. Thanks Dorothy, this really does work! All I need now is for the other faults in the house to be fixed. Dorothy tells me that the cupboard hinges in IKEA are absolutely standard, but I still don't seem to be able to refix them. Oh well. Anyway here's the snap of today's sketch:

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