Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Crap weather, innit?

Thinking of Romy, looks as though Hereford is as wet, and even colder than London. Oh well. David did not appear yesterday, so after my customary coffee I legged it to the Lye Torng. There I sat outside until it became too cold and wet, and sketched St. George's Buildings, which were very awkward to draw at such an extreme angle. The tree I painted far too bright, and had to wash it off and just use ink to define it. I am rubbish at foliage. Nibby has done yet another excellent painting. The sky in particular is very good. She is going to paint some skies, which I am sure will be very effective. I can imagine some absolutely huge ones all around a gallery. I am still tackling the loo, as I am now afraid to use it. Nibby suggesting transferring the kettle to nearer the loo. I wish I had thought of that before. I am on my ninth kettle and shall go up to 20 this time as it is a bit easier. The water level is normal but I am distinctly unhappy about it still. If I had several hundred pounds I would get a plumber, but I suspect the problem may be in the outside drains, and can't even contemplate the money that would involve. Oh well. I may go to the Toulouse Lautrec tonight and do a bit of sketching. This weather, the loo, the shower and the leaking bath drain are all getting me down a bit. I think Kook has left a dead mouse somewhere inaccessible. There is a vile smell just outside the kitchen door despite the back door being open all day. Can't find the body though. He attacked me a bit more this morning, when demanding more Dreamy cat treats. I suspect there is some kind of addictive drug in these. On the plus side it is not actually raining yet this morning, and I am quite enjoying spending my time getting some sketching done.

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