Thursday, 12 July 2012

Very Quiet Day

Coffee with David who is reading Life of Pi. Said I was still reading Turgenev. Lunch at Mamuska then coffee at Lye Torng. Saw a strange magazine called Carplife with a cover snap of a man holding what looked like an incredibly large fish. Maybe it should be called Carpdeath. Did not feel like drawing today,and missed delivery of my postcards so will have to collect on Monday from Mandela Way. Must do some drawing tomorrow. An email arrived to say that a piece of my work will be shown in an exhibition in Brixton on 26 July. We shall see. Early night after my late one last night. Actually I was wrong - it was Carpworld, not Carplife. Not a healthy looking fish though. Text from Romy today saying all well in Hereford.

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