Sunday, 8 July 2012

Saturn's Day

Coffee with David and did yet another bad sketch, this time of the Nova coffee area. I have tarted it up a bit since taking the snap as I had inadvertently given one guy a withered arm and miserable expressions to everyone. Blame the artist. I have now improved it but can't be bothered to do another snap. Loo still blocked. Kitchen cupboard door still off hinges. Water in shower still cold. Shower holder still broken. Overhead shower spray thing still broken. Boiler making odd noises. Plaster coming off walls in living room. Apart from this my place is just perfect. Julian had his hair dyed aubergine which apparently looks fantastic and went off to enjoy his birthday with friends. Dorothy back from Paris and frantically busy as usual. Romy off to a week of paradise with the punters in Herefordshire in the rain. A typical British summer. David always has bananas for breakfast. Nibby gave me a recipe from Mornie Alexander from the Wirral years ago. This involves chopping up bananas to an inch in length, putting cocktail sticks in, dipping in melted chocolate, then chopped nuts, then freezing. Home made ice lollies. Apparently they are really good. Mornie was an excellent cook, though I particularly remember Mrs. Totty's lardy cake from those days with great affection. Fat city! Will meet David on Monday (he suggested Tuesday, when I am rich!)

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