Monday, 30 July 2012

Blimey - selling like hot cakes

Just had a call from a keen purchaser so will have to sell another painting within the next week or two, in addition to all the current interest in the cards. Sketched upstairs in the Elephant & Castle. I have been fascinated by the people silhouetted at the front where all the light floods in, so had a go at this today. I may make several more attempts at this, we shall see.
Met Alice for lunch. She tells me she saw a lot of Africa, but that the group dynamic when camping, etc. led to some problems. Seems most of the happy campers were actually students. We had a good lunch at Mamuska. Then bumped into Luba, who wants to come to some Meetups with me. There was an excellent one yesterday at EV, where I had a very good Turkish lunch with a glass of wine. I had coffee with David in the morning. He had purchased a very good corduroy jacket. This looked excellent, paired with a duck-egg blue shirt and khaki pants. The corduroy was a kind of creamy colour, very attractive. I took a snap of this and my sketch today.

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