Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Boxing Day and Bank Holiday

A quiet day. Just as well with the lack of sleep. Did masses of dishwashing and washing clothes and tablecloths. A call from Romy, who was taking an afternoon kip, so I thanked her for the fantastic Fat Duck Cookbook, which will give me plenty to look at for the foreseeable future. A call from Nibby to say they had a successful Christmas oop North. Watched plenty of TV and kept falling asleep. Dorothy texted to suggest they might pay a call at around eight or nine in the evening, but whereas I had been prepared to cook and entertain earlier, by this time I had undressed and was considering a very early night. I managed to watch the most ludicrous episode of East Enders ever, and found myself laughing outright at all the galloping tragedy as it ripped across the screen in front of me. What utter tosh!

Fell asleep shortly after 9.30 and awoke again at 5am. Tried to Skype Nibby without knowing how to do it and thought I had to ring her telephone number but that did not work. She did not have it properly installed, and when we tried later it did not work. Oh well. Popped into the shopping centre and purchased a couple of bits and pieces and a paper before vegging out yet again today.

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