Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas Eve Early Morning

I wonder how many old people have been killed by their cats? Kook is always sitting on the stairs and does not move if I want to pass, so I have to grab at the banisters and miss steps going up and down. If not doing that, he weaves between my legs, then, particularly on the stairs, just stops, so I have difficulty in not falling upstairs. Hmmm. I have been getting my revenge by leaving masses of birdfood outside so he is tormented by the tiny birds feeding just out of his evil reach. Actually fat balls in cages are being sold in the pound shop, which seems brilliant value. I may have mentioned this before. Which reminds me, I may look in there for some more, and see if there are any more bargains, such as pepper and salt grinders, and cantuccini or pandoros. Apart from that I just have lemons, hair foam and spray, and newspapers to purchase today, but as I said, might get some meaty stuff for the freezer.

Maybe it is being old but I keep cooking the same thing: thinly sliced and well fried chorizo, then adding onions and garlic, frying for a bit longer, then adding chicken stock, spices and herbs to taste, before chucking in lentils or beans or chick peas etc with a good squeeze of tomato puree and simmering until it thickens before serving. Oh, and my addition of chunks of beetroot and lots of carrots. With a whole chorizo ring and a tin of lentils it adds up to about 1500 calories, so three very generous helpings are 500 cals each, but less will do nicely. More carrots won't do any harm. Comfort food for the cold weather.

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