Sunday, 18 December 2011

Quiet Saturday

Almost finished doing my cards. A short visit to Lye Torng, closing on Thursday until 2nd January. Just as well, because, according to Alice, I shan't be able to afford a modest Thai green curry there any more. I may try and find some creative recipes for bread and water, and see how many layers I can wear to avoid using the central heating so I can surprise Alice by being seemingly able to afford social events. Years ago, I was acquainted with a fashionable couple in Algiers, who drove a very expensive car so were always given good restaurant tables when they parked outside. Later, someone told me that they lived in one tiny room and were fashionably thin through not eating much at all at home, but regularly drove around town, just for show. I suppose they had once had enough money to purchase the car, good jewellery and smart clothes, and could now just about afford to eat somewhere smart once a week or so.

Met Dorothy at Borough Market for a coffee and a wander where we met Julian. They purchased an expensive and terrifying looking poulet de Bresse, complete with head and innards and feet (intestines etc apparently removed though). They may cook this chez moi tonight. Hmmm.

I am feeling very optimistic about my successor. We have always had an awful time dealing with the bank. They told me it would take two weeks to make an appointment to change the mandate which needs to be done by the beginning of January, with only a few working days left before the Christmas break. My successor then rang them and was very forceful. He made them see us on Tuesday, happily. Their 'customer service' should be rechristened 'Customer Contempt', they are such a nightmare. Not my problem soon, hurrah! I shall not mention their name as I cannot afford to be sued, as I am sure Alice would remind me.

Very enjoyable drinks with the upstairs neighbours. Met some other very pleasant and normal neighbours which quite restored my faith in human nature.

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