Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Long Weekend

Despite all my problems, less than five hours sleep for several nights, and forgetting my phone lead, our weekend was one of the most successful breaks yet.

We stopped at the Tutti Pole in Hungerford for a good lunch, and I darted into a charity shop and purchased a new skirt and dress before arriving at Littlecote House. This is a very impressive property, approached through a long tree-lined avenue, apparently first built in the 13th century but rebuilt or mainly completed in the fifteen hundreds. There are Roman ruins and a large mosaic in the grounds and the main entrance to the house, above, reminds me of Hogwarts somehow.

Everyone seemed to have a good time - the food was very good, the rooms large and comfortable and so on. Romy had opened her French windows when she arrived, to turn around and find a large peacock in her room. She managed to shoo it out again, but we quickly learned that the biscuits in the room attracted large numbers of various birds, including the peacock.

It was a very relaxing weekend, and Romy and I sampled the mediaeval banquet on the last night, with an excellent jester. We had a shopping trip into Marlborough where I purchased a Christmas wreath for the front door, and some new scent. I spent quite a lot of Sunday hogging the enormous fire in the Great Hall and lobbing giant logs onto it.

There was reputed to be a haunted bedroom, which we visited without discovering any unquiet spirits. However a couple of punters were wandering around looking for this, and found someone in a mediaeval bedroom, before the embarrassment of discovering that they had accidentally stepped into one of the historic rooms, complete with resident guests. There was much lively entertainment in the evenings and I returned home exhausted. Kook will be away for a few more days with Dorothy and Julian, so I shall catch up on sleep.

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