Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas Russshhh

Did washing, polished even more silver, dug out huge plate candelabra and started to clean this pair, before discovering I did not have enough candles. I am sure I purchased a job lot of candles from IKEA at some point, so may dig around a bit. I have decided on a plain white linen tablecloth, so have laid this beneath several others to save ironing. On Christmas day I shall just whip the others off, revealing a pristine white cloth, unless I tip pints of red wine over the whole lot beforehand.

Rather a disaster with the Christmas tree which I was advised via Radio 4 to water with at least a pint of water a day. Unfortunately the water went straight through the tub and over the tray onto the ancient thunderbox supporting it. Rushed around with kitchen roll, and hopefully the tree will suck back some of the water now surrounding it in a puddle on the tray. I shall then recover the tray with foil and hope that water has not leaked through the thunderbox to the fake wooden flooring. Everything is far too heavy to move the tree and have a look. If the floor is ruined, I shall just place a piece of furniture over it. Dear me.

I shall win a prize no doubt for the most boring blog ever.

Dorothy has asked me to purchase some fresh garlic and some onions. I shall do this today. Not sure whether to buy cream, but may get a small pot.

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