Thursday, 15 December 2011

Last Days of Gainful Employment

Straight back to work the next day after being away, so somewhat knackered. Although the time passed almost without incident, there seems to be some stress from wondering if everyone will be all right, given that people are in a strange place and not aware of where steps and turns are, particularly during the night. So relieved to get everyone back in one piece.

Things are even worse at work: a new computer, and also an updated Word package means that it takes me twice as long to find documents etc. Having told my successor how the old one worked, I shall have to let him try the new package, which is really the blind leading the blind, but fortunately he is a bear of large brain, unlike myself, so will pick things up much more quickly.

Hairdressers early tomorrow morning, and SE1 Christmas dinner in the evening. My newish neighbours upstairs have kindly invited other neighbours and me for drinks, but have fortunately not invited the difficult one, so I shall be pleased to go. Sir Kook may come back tomorrow, am quite looking forward to seeing him.

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