Friday, 16 December 2011

Friday Again

Kook helped me up at 5.15 this morning so I arrived in plenty of time to get my hair done. Did a little Christmas shopping afterwards and fell exhausted into the Lido at around 2pm. Had soup, steak and a glass of wine, all excellent, and tried to take a tube home, but the entrances were all closed because of flooding, apparently. Electricity cuts in nearly all of the shops on one side of Regent Street near Oxford Circus, losing plenty of money for the owners, no doubt.

Fed Kook once back, and unpacked my shopping. I shall fall into a bath soon before changing for tonight's dinner. Yet again a failed delivery, this time from Hermes, but can't remember what I ordered. Oh well.

Can't remember whether I showed you these cushion covers, some hand done tapestry and some printed linen. This one is a tapestry of a cat's head I picked up in a charity shop in Eastbourne.

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