Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Day

Woke up betimes -5am to be precise, then tormented by Kook until 6am, when I forced myself up to feed him. Slowly got up by around 8am, had breakfast, bathed and dressed. Email with greetings from Madeleine, text from Jon, and call from Nibby. Listened to the Archers on radio 4 and packed the small gifts I purchased for Dorothy and Julian. Decided that money was my best larger gift option, after the Gieves & Hawkes cashmere scarf disaster last year.

Nespresso, made a very strong lungo, then topped with generous single cream and added some glugs of Amaretto. Delicious, recommended. Keep hearing programmes on the radio about these poor old people spending Christmas day alone. Me too! but somehow the booze makes up for it and anyway, my rellies/relly will no doubt show up later. Now listening to carols on the radio.

Nibby tells me they are having a large fillet of beef for Christmas. Since her favourite is turkey she will also purchase a chicken and cook and eat with the trimmings later, something I have usually done. May look out for a turkey crown in the sales myself.

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