Friday, 30 December 2011

Thor's Day 29 December

Purchased some bits and pieces of food in the sale at Tesco to supplement stuff I had already purchased. Madeleine, after several message to say they were arriving late, arrived at around 3pm for lunch with several other family members. We had quite a jolly lunch with a couple of bottles of champagne and fortunately I had provided plenty of food, though I have to say there's at least a kilo of Stilton in the fridge still, and plenty of ham and chicken, too. I may roast a couple of leftover potatoes, make some gravy and serve these with heated ham and chicken and some frozen petits pois for lunch or dinner. May purchase one last bottle of fizz for New Year before austerity sets in.

Dorothy turned up later, so we had quite a house full. Apologies from Julian who was in the throes of domestic duties, but sent some chocs for Madeleine and her sister, whose son, Leckie, enjoyed the cake fountain so much we set another one off. These are quite spectacular, from Ocado, and I saved one for New Year. The others set off to meet the rest of the girls at the NFT, but by this time I had been up and down the stairs constantly all day and evening, so decided to veg out and watch the soaps. I would love to have met the girls again, but my back had been so bad the night before and was still being very painful, I think I made the right decision. I am a very old 70.

Today I have started clearing up and will change sheets soon, either today or tomorrow. I may text my nbf Alice, to see how her festivities went. I know she was going to do Crisis over the Christmas period.

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