Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve at E & C Shopping Centre

Had a short stagger around Tesco. I saw an elderly former neighbour who now lives on an estate called Draper I think. She was struggling to do the last of her shopping, and I was horrified to see she had a very bruised face and a black eye, also one arm in a sling. Seems to have been caused by a gang of small children heaving bricks around. Apparently one was arrested, but she tells me the three year old told to police to fuck off. Sweet little things, eh? Then working at the checkout there was a cute girl with a pretty headband. The customer in front of me, a cool looking black guy buying lots of healthy salads, reduced in price, asked her if he could pay less for Christmas, before kissing goodbye to his £20 note: 'I didn't know you long, but we were really close' he said (to the note).

I purchased a huge ham roast leg thing, probably a large hock, on the bone, reduced from £16 to £8, so I sliced it up and stuck it in the freezer. I used the bone to make some stock, then made some pea and ham soup for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow.

Arriving home I found more cards, and one from my ex-college pal. We had fallen out through some misunderstanding years ago, but I had spoken to him again a few months ago, and sent him a card. He has rented a studio in Deptford and is painting again. Says he will send me some images so I shall email him and see what arrives. Nice to hear from old friends again.

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