Wednesday, 7 December 2011

New Look

This blog has a clunky and difficult to use new look. Fortunately for me, but unfortunately for you, I have been able to revert to the old look, but no doubt this will change.

Had a delicious dinner at Jamie's Italian at Westfields, including a fantastic starter served on a long wooden board - out of focus (wine) snap above. It was a nightmare to find because we went into the wrong entrance to Westfields and had to walk around in the freezing cold for ages. The Christmas decorations and lights at Westfields are most impressive. Strange, a place like that full of luxury shops in the middle of a pretty rough area. I wonder if Elephant & Castle will have one when it has been improved. Weird.

I had purchased a rather fine warm flannel shirt for Christophe, which he wore, but I must remember to buy a smaller size if I see anything in the future. Victorine was looking splendid and glittery and had lost lots of weight, the bitch. They were laden with gifts for me, Christmas and birthday. I must get back on the wagon. I wonder if I can find a restaurant which will restrict customers to one glass of wine, and serve low calorie delicious food only. My dream. The nearest I have got is to have a so-called six course tasting menu with tiny amounts of food on the plate. Perhaps I shall open such a restaurant. Might call it 'Maigrette' or some such. Oh well. Bloody cold outside now. Off with the punters to the countryside tomorrow. Must pack warm things.

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