Thursday, 22 December 2011

Retirement At Last

On Tuesday, back at work to try and sort out last bank problems. Unfortunately this did not include the large number of changes, such as people who had not received their pension, changed bank, moved, etc. but hopefully the mandate is now sorted. Staff Christmas lunch at the Leather Uppers and my successor invited, all good fun. Yesterday was my last day, so made a desultory attempt at tidying drawers - not successful, and deliberately left a little filing for my successor so that he could familiarise himself with the filing 'system'. Sorted out one punter who was owed two payments, and had somehow fallen off the bank payments. Then we had lunch at the Royal Oak with the chairmen and met a few people in there. Back at the office, the other charity presented me with some gifts which I shall put under the tree, and thanked me for my company. I am quite sure they were delighted to see the back of me really, since working in an office has never really been my strong point - shopping and chattering is, though.

Romy and I set off to dump all our stuff at my gaff before visiting Sensational. Not a lot there, though Romy managed to find a couple of good buys. We then popped into Lye Torng for a quick cava, but Tom had bought us another before disappearing around the corner so we had 'drink taken' before we arrived home. Do hope Romy is OK as her leg was not behaving itself yesterday, and had not been good for a couple of weeks.

Washing clothes and making a Nigel recipe, almond and marzipan cakes covered in fresh fruit. I have made them as larger cakes, and will report back if they are edible. I topped them with blueberries and raspberries before cooking.

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