Saturday, 3 December 2011

officially bloody old - 70 today

Pains in the back awoke me at 3am, then 4am, then drifted off for another hour from 5 to 6am. At this point the Kookster burst through the catflap and screaming noisily, leapt upon me demanding to be fed. When I felt a large wet tail like a foxes brush sweep over my face I knew that it was time to get up, and also that it was pouring with rain outside.

Happy birthday, me!

Cards arrived from Ivana and Val, urging me to visit next year. If I can manage the fare, I may just do this. A further card came from Nibby, with a hand drawn image of Yours Truly, sketching at the restaurant of the NPG. After a bit of shopping at Elephant, coffee, then lunch at Lye Torng, I returned home to relax a bit and a lovely bunch of flowers arrived from Nibby: pink roses and white lilies. I now have two vases of flowers in the place, the other from some kind punters who delivered to the office. I am so spoiled. Another two Christmas cards came: one from Pierre in Canada, and one from a friend from college, Jocelyn. Seems that Jocelyn is down for the opening tonight so hope to see her there. Madeleine, Julian and Dorothy are due here late this afternoon, so we shall all travel together tonight.

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