Saturday, 3 December 2011

Sunday Early Morning

After Nibby's flowers, Madeleine arrived bearing gifts: a superb bottle of Jo Malone Red Roses bath oil from Antoinette, and a fabulous smart black radio from John Lewis with a docking station on the front. We drank hazelnut Baileys until Julian and Dorothy arrived bearing gifts and cakes, so we had to then have tea and cakes, delicious. My present with lots of extra bits and pieces, was an iPad, which they will set up for me. So exciting! Another bunch of flowers from Michelle's in Borough Market, is now improving my old flat.

We then set off for Islington and found Candid Arts and Margot's exhibition. Met Evon, Kate, Julia and Jocelyn there which was fabulous. Margot had produced lots of artwork and Margot's husband Pat was DJ. They had an excellent singer and wine and cupcakes were served. I purchased a book full of reproductions of Margot's small paintings done on nearly every day of the year in 2009. Interesting that the first painting, which inspired the rest, was one of a little green robot,one of two I had previously bought. There were notes about each painting under the reproductions, very interesting.

After chatting for a while and admiring Margot's work, we set off to Latium in Berners Street. This is a totally fabulous Italian restaurant. I started with crab salad, went on to grouse and finished with a superb pear sorbet. What with the strawberry prosecco cocktail, the red wine, then the coffee and petits fours, I somewhat overdid it. Altogether a great birthday evening.

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Glad you had a lovely time. Saff xxx