Friday, 9 December 2011


Over the past week I have filled in forms wrongly, filled in the wrong forms, forgotten where I have filed stuff etc. The last straw was last night: Julian and Dorothy came to collect the monster because I was taking the punters away for a long weekend in the country. I had bought a neat little cat carrier and with the taxi waiting outside, it was impossible to get him into it. I then remembered that I had kept his old basket, and amid much panic we stuffed him into this and off they went. Shortly afterwards a call came from Dorothy - in the panic they had left a bag behind with money to pay the cab, so Dorothy would return to collect the bag etc. It was at this point I suddenly remembered I had left the office without the cheque book, debit card, and petty cash, so was all set to leave London in the morning without the means to pay for anything! I leapt into Dorothy's cab when it arrived, handed the bag over and collected cheque book etc. from the office before coming back to finish my packing and go to bed. I suspect that had they not left the bag behind I would not have remembered my stuff at the office.

Either I have absolutely galloping Alzheimers, or having an extra person in the office is completely confusing me, which I suspect to be the case. I have never been able to multi-task, and need peace and quiet to be able to concentrate and actually achieve anything at all. Had I not had a lot of stress for the past six weeks or so, I was hoping to write a short paper on the minute details of what I actually do at work, but of course this has not happened, so it is all a bit of a rush running up to my retirement. Well, that's my excuse anyway. I pity my poor successor, trying to pick up the job from the ramblings of an old bat who has practically forgotten her name. I shall sign off as 'confused of SE1'.

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