Saturday, 31 December 2011

Friday 30th

Seems that Madeleine had a problem in that her car broke down in the Mall on the way home the other night, and she was approached by several police saying it was a 'sensitive area'. Dear me. I have not heard the full story yet but it sounds a nightmare.

Meanwhile I have had a quiet day at home. Spoke to Nibby, who told me you can freeze Stilton. This is just as well as I bought a huge half wheel thing at £4 which was half price in Tesco, with no idea as to how to use the rest of it. I have now cut it into sections, wrapped in kitchen roll, and frozen it for later use. After dinner with port comes to mind. Or PX. Hmmm.

Lots of laundry done, and the sheets on the bed are fresh in time for New Year. I suspect that, as usual, this will be a 'home alone' affair. I may play 'Dinner for One' on Youtube, yet again, still trying to understand the joke, which is plainly a cultural thing, but maybe you catch on if you watch it year after year, like the Germans, who find it hilarious. Oh well we shall see. A very dreary day, pouring with rain, but Kook being rather cute.

Just finished my first e-book by Jo Nesbo, on my ipad, which seems to take a lot of power so I have put it on charge again. I think the book was free, so may try to find more free books which are actually readable. Still thinking of the freedom and accompanying poverty before me. I should try and make it a point to see how little money I can spend. Madeleine's Christmas present 'Frugal Food' should help. Unfortunately she also gave me a book about old fashioned puddings, all laden with calories. Since I have not dared weigh myself since before Christmas when I had already gained two or three pounds, and have no doubt gained at least half a stone by now, I may need to keep this book firmly on the shelf for a while.

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