Saturday, 31 December 2011

Last Post of 2011

Today I shall stagger out and see if I can find a few things for a small buffet supper, which is what I shall have tonight. I doubt if I will stay up for the New Year.

I purchased a couple of cheap frozen lobsters from Aldi. I shall position these around a pile of prawns with lemon tonight. I also have some Spanish cold sliced saucisson and ham of various kinds. Some salads etc and made some more of the almond and blueberry cake. This time I added some Amaretto - a good improvement, which with the preponderance of ground almonds over flour, keeps the slices moist. I overdid the fruit on the top and added a few Amarena cherries and flaked almonds and sugar, which again vastly improves it. Dorothy and Julian will bring more stuff from Borough Market and something fizzy to drink. I made a very rich soup, blitzing in the remains of the pate and some cream, and have frozen this. Dorothy and Julian apparently have no interest in any of the seafood so I am going to have to force a couple of lobsters and a load of prawns down myself. Dear me.

Tomorrow I am having lunch with Alice, and will hear about her Christmas adventures. On Monday Kate is coming to Murmurs with me at lunchtime.

Around 10pm. Dorothy and Julian came bearing vast amounts of excellent food. We had enough to feed at least three more people, but made valiant inroads into all this stuff. I am going to bed while they go off to a party. Goodnight and Happy New Year to my reader.

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Anonymous said...

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2012 Sue and thank you for keeping me entertained throughout the year with your blog. It's by far the best read. My very best wishes for your retirement. Eileen