Monday, 16 January 2012

Bit of a Bummer

using Brushes. It may be some adjustment I have not made, but using it there is quite a time gap between my drawing something and it appearing so I have no idea where the marks will appear and they get quite carried away leading to a very clumsy result. I shall keep practising though. Also the fine drawing implement Julian gave me just does not work with Brushes in that it often fails to make any marks at all. Also Brushes seems to move about, enlarging suddenly in front of me so I have to use the rubber to bring the page back to normal. Teething troubles no doubt. We shall see.

I got quite carried away and joined some more Meetup groups. Also told Nibby about them and there seem to be a few oop North, mainly in Mankie but she may start a sketchbook one in Macclesfield which should be fun. I hope she does.

I am eating too much with this cold. I really must try harder to restrain myself. Pickled cucumber beckons.

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