Thursday, 19 January 2012

Pastures New

Well, new departures anyway. Went to my first meetup and paid a tenner for membership. This entitles me to find out about any of Ken's meetups. Ken is a middle-aged Irish chap living in Lewisham, who runs lots of these groups, doing anything from walks during the day to dining in the evening and plenty in between. Ken has been doing this for a year and now has over 3,000 members, which showed there is a demand, and is very adept at introductions, having a great memory for names. A free glass of wine was provided for newbies, which made it pretty cheap. An interesting crowd of people met in the wine bar, more men than women, but plenty of both, with a very varied social and ethnic mix which was good. I chatted with a medical secretary, a senior civil servant, a doctor and someone who had been a dustman for 30 years. Ages ranged from people in their twenties, but most were in the range of 35 to 50 and I was definitely the only old lady, which was fine. People bought their own drinks, and I nursed a diet coke until I received the free wine, so it was a cheap night out. A card was passed to me by a guy who is interested in doing film extra work and I promised to let him know if I could find a reputable agency. Several people I met are also going to the Thai dinner next week so I shall see some familiar faces.

I left quite early, being unused to evenings out, and was greeted outside the house by the Kookster, mewing loudly as he followed me home. Two missed calls from Dorothy, who was eating dinner by the time I called back at 9.30. I shall catch up with my soaps this morning on my ipad.

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