Friday, 27 January 2012

Curiouser and Curiouser

Trying to discover more about the circumstances of the demise of my ex, I have now spoken several times to Southwark Register Office (hopeless) Southwark Social Services (hopeless), hospitals (did not die in hospital), police (no knowledge of the death), and finally, a call to his Housing Officer, who is of course on leave this week, but may, just may, contact me on her return. May try and contact a local councillor, and go to Peckham and try to speak to neighbours, etc. The death seems genuine, as someone at Southwark Council (if only I knew who) recorded his death and sent the report to Bona Vacantia.

I can hardly believe that I have only just heard about his death in March last year. I was in contact with him the previous November, when we spoke and he sent me a card. As I mentioned before, he had a mobile phone which I gave him and had only one number on it, mine. He had my telephone number and address, and the numbers and addresses of several members of the family at home. Don't really know where to turn next.

I would obviously like to know why I am only finding out about this, ten months after the event. Really strange. I suspect a visit to Peckham is in order.

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