Saturday, 7 January 2012

Saturday Morning Early

Awaiting Ocado. I cooked the Heston-style steak. It was indeed very juicy but not pink enough inside. Apparently I should buy a meat thermometer to test it. I was afraid it might be a bit 'off' so overcooked it, but it was still good. Almost forgot to rest it for five minutes. Bored to death with TV so had an early night.

Back and hips and backs of legs still hurting a lot despite getting up three times and trying to get comfortable. Not a good night's sleep, but still waking fairly refreshed at 6am. Kook absolutely on time and came flying in, mewing loudly to be fed. I am now reading Blood, Sweat and Tea - by a London Ambulance driver, on my ipad.

Texted Dorothy about a possible meet today but no reply so far.

I have decided (yet again) to try and sort out my clothes. I really need to separate summer and winter clothing more strictly. More black bin bags called for. I actually tried some cheap boots on in Peacocks and found I could actually do the zips up. My black suede flat pointy boots which go right up over the knee, my favourites, are so loose in the leg that they slip down which is annoying. I may purchase some of the fairisle kind of Norwegian type woolly knitted leggings which should fatten my calves and keep the boots up. We shall see.

Yesterday, I had a go at the cobwebs with my feather duster. I also dusted the lampshades and realised that the one in the downstairs hall which is a long paper one, was deeply encrusted with dust, and when dusted, holes were revealed. I am reluctant to replace this since it is such a good shape. Surprising how much filth is revealed considering I actually have a cleaner. I cleaned the salt pig in the kitchen and a few of the appliances too. I suppose at least the cleaner does the floors, which is the worst thing for me. Basically the whole place needs decluttering, the damp dealt with, redecorating, ( ha ha) and later in the year, another assault on next door's so-called 'garden' which now resembles a jungle with huge brambles coming over to my side. I have purchased some extra strong garden gloves to hold these while I cut them but it is a bit of a losing battle. I am wondering if there is some kind of industrial killer I can just pour over the fence which will kill everything from the foliage. Without harming the cats.

Bloody hell, Ocado has arrived fifteen minutes early! Must go.

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