Thursday, 12 January 2012

Tax etc

Rang the damned tax people. Unfortunately I have managed to lose my P45 and anything else which tells me how much I have earned in the past year. I probably lost it with the Groupon vouchers. Seems that I will be paying too much tax for some time, and it may not be adjusted until next year, or when someone decides to send them the information which they do not have yet. Oh well. Apparently because I am over 65 I am supposed to have some age related allowance I am not getting, but the tax people say I would only get it if I were not paying tax anyway which sounds a bit wrong to me. If it is only a tax allowance, surely it would only apply against tax you were actually paying. Since I am 70 I should have probably been getting it against my income for the past five years??? I just do not understand these things. I suppose I should not complain as Nibby is only getting £380 per month. I am trying to get her to claim pension credit but so far no luck. Actually I have just looked up the tax thing and I seem to have not been entitled to it because I was working and because my total income was therefore over 24k. Dear me, I can now earn nearly 10k without paying any tax. Must find a way to get some tax-free money.

About 2pm and still awaiting delivery, which can stretch into the evening, but I have a date at 7pm so let's hope it comes soon. No paper so bored into yet another search for any tax info and groupons, hopeless, must have chucked it all out.

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