Monday, 16 January 2012

Surprise Visit

There's something about my Sunday involving my flat being even more of a mess than usual, so it was with slight horror that I received a call from Alice to say she was nearby on a bus, and was it OK if she came to see me today rather than tomorrow? Since nothing in particular was happening I agreed to this, and started darting about the place in a vain attempt to disguise my sadly sordid surroundings.

We chatted over coffee and cakes (though I had purchased some profiteroles from Marks at a knockdown price as part of their meal deal, Alice preferred the Tiramisu layered thing from the £1 shop, which was fine by me). I may chuck out these sinful treats later today (Monday).

Having told Nibby that I never get colds, there has been a suspicious tickling in the throat, combined with a runny nose, occasional sneezing and feeling somewhat below par, so I suspect I told a lie. Oh well.

Have now booked the Hope & Anchor for Sunday lunch, which should be fun, and am in the process of using up my last Groupon for some kind of evening session at the Toulouse-Lautrec, if they ever answer their telephone.

Feeling rather housebound, I joined about three Meetup groups: Ken's Meetup, which seems to be mainly going out drinking in the evening, probably not entirely my kind of thing; a London Dining group, seems to be mainly Thai places, again in the evening; and for some reason probably associated with my newly found brother's interests, a folkie group, which will embarrass me no end I suspect. Still, onward and upward! These groups seem to cost about a tenner a year to join, and events are either cheap or free, which suits me fine. Should help occupy my time and provide some kind of social contact, but we shall see. Perhaps I should have stuck with the SE1 Come and Dine group, but the one and only one I hosted was such a nightmare.

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