Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Spoke too soon. On Tuesday evening I downloaded two books - another £8 in total. At least they were long ones, if rather eclectic choices: Alan Clark's first Diary, and My Shit Life So Far by Danny Boyle.

Above is some uraniun glass, illuminated by a UV torch. Xander was a bit fascinated by this stuff at Christmas, though dubious about drinking out of the glasses.

Madeleine has kindly pointed out some free lectures in London which I may attempt to attend. Though at the moment, my whole time seems to be spent in turning rubbish out of drawers and discovering things I did not know I had.

Visiting the quack today about my back, but I suspect that there will be no answers, but we shall see. A long chat with Victorine, who is rapidly losing weight. Somehow she finds it easy to starve all day, and then eat in the evening. I told her about the trick of just having under 600 calories on two days, and not worrying so much about the rest, and the recent advice to have two alcohol-free days a week. I was also surprised to hear someone say on Radio 4 that two units, the recommended daily max for women, is a large glass of wine, so that means the weekly total would then be five glasses a week which seems very low. I say this not having touched a drop since New Year's Eve, but still,...

I loved the explanation for the difference between cottage pie and shepherd's pie from Coronation Street the other night. Seems that cottage pie is always beef, and should have potato slices on top to represent the roof of the cottage, and shepherd's pie is always lamb, with fluffy mash on top to represent the fleece. Sounds like a rural myth.

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