Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Monday Night Jam

Used up a Groupon with Alice. This entitled us to a cocktail each and £25 worth of bar food upstairs at the Toulouse Lautrec near the Elephant. We had to arrive early, around 7.15 to be sure of a table. I had been rather dreading this jaunt since I am not always crazy about jazz.

We ordered a fish and seafood platter to share, which was quite substantial. The cocktails were a bit weak, but very pleasant. The room filled up quite quickly and at 8.30 the house band started playing, and were excellent, I have to say. We went on to have a pudding each (fortunately I chose sorbets) and some more drinks.

After a short break, a large number of musicians started arriving with their instruments and the jam session started. They all seemed pretty competent, not that I am an expert, and the atmosphere was rather like a mini Ronnie Scott's upstairs, very pleasant. At one point we noticed a guy bearing a striking resemblance to Lembit Opik, staggering about rather tired and emotional. Anyway, we were enjoying ourselves so much it was nearly midnight when we left. I shall definitely go again, and Monday is a really fun night. I shall have a look at their website which tells you what is on when, and they have music of one kind or another every night.

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