Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Bus pass outing no. 2

My lampshade frame, bulbs, and fake windowsill flowers.
I set off this morning, clutching a sandwich and a tangerine. Met up with about twelve other oldies at Waterloo action centre. I was given instructions with a map on a piece of paper and we set off in the opposite direction to that indicated on the map. I just followed them onto a bus and got off when they did. They all raced off and I struggled to keep up but after a more than bracing walk (it was freezing cold and windy on the embankment), we arrived at 2 Temple place for the William Morris exhibition. I chatted with a couple of people and we found a room to have lunch in. I think they were going off to somewhere else later. However, by this time I was completely knackered, and resisting the temptation to leap into a cab, caught the tube from Temple station back home. These oldies are far too energetic for me.

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