Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Been cancelling all my memberships and mags: Art Fund, RSPB (spending the money on fat balls instead), The Week, and Period Living. That just left the Oldie, due for renewal of £37 in February, but saw an offer of 12 months for £12 plus a free Oldie Annual, so rang them hastily to take advantage of this. So spent £12 so far today.

Was working out that if I pretended to be two people, I could still get quite a good value midweek four day break at Littlecote House. Must find out about train fares to Marlborough or Hungerford. I would have to pretend to be 'Mr and Mrs' since they don't really seem to cater for singles, unless in a vast coach party. They would do well on this since with my diet, I would only be eating for a very small 'Mrs'. Don't suppose I will really go, though.

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